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1&1 Internet - Website Hosting Windows & Linux Servers



1and1.co.uk, 1&1 Internet is the world's largest website hosting provider and one of the largest domain name sellers anywhere. 1 and 1 are trusted by over 3 million customers. 1&1

At 1and1.co.uk. 1and1 internet combine the latest technology with friendly service, 1&1 created a value unmatched in the industry. Windows hosting? Linux hosting? Dedicated server? At the 1and1.co.uk website 1and1 internet have it all. Every new 1and1 hosting account receives a valuable software bundle for just the cost of shipping and handling. This is full-version software, which does not expire (see 1&1 website for current software list).

1&1 Internet Features

. 1&1 Basic shared hosting starts as low as £4.99 per month (includes 1 free domain name)
. 1&1 Business hosting plans start at only £8.99 per month
. 1&1 Developer hosting starts at £16.99 per month
. 1&1 Ecommerce hosting as low as £9.99 per month
. 1&1 Domain Name Registration for only £8.99 per year
(see 1and1.co.uk the 1&1internet website for current prices)

Websearcher customers want to buy products from a company they can trust. 1and1.co.uk have more than 12 years of experience,and via the 1and1.co.uk web site 1&1 offers stability and security you can count on. 1&1 internet provide feature-packed, affordable domains and hosting for both personal and business use.

The world's largest web hosting company 1&1 Internet


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www 1and1 co uk

Visit the world's largest web hosting company 1&1 Internet

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