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Air France UK

AirFrance Flights Overview



AirFrance     Air France Service Classes


L´Espace Première brings together the highest level of comfort and exclusive personal service, making each one of your trips a rare and unforgettable experience.
Allow yourself to take full advantage of the quiet and calm atmosphere and enjoy all the benefits of a restful trip.

Air France l´Espace Première

With l´Espace Première, you benefit from an exclusive and privileged service that combines superior taste and efficiency, while making you a VIP passenger.
- You can change your reservation at any time.
- If you like, choose your seat number when you book your flight.

- Special l´Espace check-in counters are available for your exclusive use.
- If you have only one carry-on baggage, you can check it in the l´Espace lounge.

- We have reserved the l´Espace Première lounge for your use at Paris/Charles de Gaulle 2, New York JFK and Tokyo NRT.
- Air France l´Espace and SkyTeam lounges welcome you throughout the world and offer you calm and comfort before your flight. Take advantage of the bars, business centers, Internet access points, fax, and telephones.

Boarding is at your convenience.

On arrival
- You are the first to disembark.
- You have priority in receiving your baggage.

Fréquence Plus Miles
In L´Espace Première, you earn Fréquence Plus Miles faster.

L´Espace Première offers you the highest level of comfort, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of peaceful travel.
The combination of deep red and grayish-beige, soft lighting, and refined furnishings create a perfectly relaxing environment.

Unrivaled comfort
- To help you relax, L´Espace Première provides you with a wide ergonomic seat, which transforms into a real bed whenever you like.
- So that you feel truly at home, a number of accessories are available for you: a hypoallergenic feather pillow, comforter, merino wool blanket, slippers, cushions, loungewear, and other articles.
- For you health and well-being, we offer you a complete line of complementary skin care products.
- A removable screen maintains your privacy.
- A spacious cabin is entirely reserved for you.
- A noise-reducing headset is also available for your use.

L´Espace Affaires gives you the flexibility and efficiency you need every time you travel on business.

All flights

You can change your reservations at any time.
You can choose your seat number when you book your flight.

Check-in and boarding
Special "L´Espace" check-in counters are available for your exclusive use.
If you have only one carry-on bag, you can directly check-in in the "l´Espace" lounge.

Air France L´Espace and SkyTeam lounges are available around the world and provide you with a peaceful environment in which to relax before your flight.
Take advantage of the refreshment bar, work areas, Internet access, fax, and telephones.

On arrival
You are among the first passengers to disembark. The business class cabin is located at the front of the aircraft.
Delivery of your baggage receives the highest priority.

Additional Miles
In l´Espace Affaires, you can earn Fréquence Plus Miles more quickly.

On long-distance flights

Board at your convenience.
Your baggage is the first to leave the plane.

On medium-distance flights

If you have a same-day round-trip ticket, you can check-in for both flights at the same time when you have only one carry-on baggage.
You can unwind at the Patio, a new private lounge in Bordeaux, and soon at Orly.


Alizé is a special service class for destinations in the Caribbean Islands and Indian Ocean.
Ideally located in the plane, Alizé cabin class offers you calm and comfort so you can travel with peace of mind.

At the airport
We´ve reserved special check-in counters specifically for you.

During your flight
To make your trips true moments of relaxation, Alizé cabin class guarantees the tranquility of a private area.

Fréquence Plus Miles
When you travel Alizé, multiply your Miles by 1.5. Now, you will be able to choose your Fréquence Plus rewards earlier than you thought.

Everything about Alizé cabin class invites you to rest and relax

- For your personal comfort:
- a seat that reclines up to 122 °
- a comfortable cushion and blanket
- an amenity kit containing eye shades, earplugs, slippers, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

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