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With BT Broadband you get...

Stop press.. BT Broadband Free UK Calls see above!

A Faster BT Broadband Service
10x faster than dial-up, plus BT Broadband allows you to surf and talk on the same line at the same time.

More Online BT Broadband Protection
Bt Broadband provides comprehensive parental controls, pop-up blocker and protection to help prevent viruses, spam and junk mail.

A Customised Experience from BT Broadband
Up to 10 additional members of the family can have a personalised homepage & browser.

BT Broadband

Enhanced Communications with BT Broadband
BT Broadband offers Up to 10 email addresses for everyone in the household, Instant Messenger and Webcam functionality.

BT Broadband is Compatible with XboxLive and PlayStation2 network gaming services. Connect your games console via BT Broadband to play friends online and speak to them as you play***

Share your BT Broadband internet access between your computers
With BT Home Networking everyone can be online at once - so that means fewer family squabbles*** You can share files, printers and enjoy online or console gaming too. ( *** additional equipment required )


BT Broadband brings you the great benefits of Broadband including…

Up to 20 X faster than a standard dial-up connection.
Always on - no dialling and no waiting to connect
Surf & talk- use the Internet without tying up the phone line at the same time (no need for 2nd line*)
Choice of speeds: 500k and 1Mb. 1Mb offers even faster surfing and file downloading, smoother video, higher quality audio, improved performance on home networks, and more responsive online gaming.

*internet call charges may apply

Plus, everything you want from the internet including...

The BT Broadband online protection you need

Pop-up blocker - dramatically reduces annoying pop-up adverts that interfere when you are surfing
Advanced email protection - spam and junk mail protection significantly reduces the amount of unwanted email you receive
Email virus protection - that upgrades automatically to help stop damaging viruses
Parental controls - helps restrict access to websites you don't want your children to see
Free PC Firewall - helps protect your PC from on-line intruders and hackers

BT Broadband Customised Experience

Single sign on - Simple and easy access to the internet and all the services you use the most with one click
BT Yahoo! Browser - fast access to the personal content you choose
BT Broadband Homepage - Each member of the family can easily choose their favourite content to appear on their homepage and organise it just the way they want
Customisable Toolbar - customise your browser toolbar just the way you want it
Photo and Briefcase - Photos and files can be shared with people you select around the world giving easy access to your friends and family wherever they are

BT Broadband Enhanced Communications

Email addresses - up to 10 additional email addresses on your account for everyone in the household each with 10 MB of storage space
Enhanced email access - access your email from any computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world**
BT Broadband Web space - you'll have access to 15Mb of personal web site space and an easy-to-use web site builder tool to create your own home page
Instant Messenger*** - With BT Yahoo! Instant Messenger you can see instantly when your friends and family are online and chat back and forth with them in real time - just like having a real conversation
Webcam & Super Webcam - Makes staying in touch even more fun with enhanced Webcam functionality. ( A webcam is required for this feature)

BT Broadband Online Gaming

Compatible with Xbox and PlayStation2 - Full compatibility with XboxLive and PlayStation2 network gaming services
Multiplayer online games - Connect your games console to the Internet to play with friends online****
BT Broadband Voice communication - Talk with other gamers during play
Includes Modem/Router - Share your broadband connection between your games console and a computer. Surf and play at the same time!
This product is not compatible with Macs.

BT Broadband Home Networking

If you've got 2 or more PCs - share internet access on your computers, simultaneously*****
With a Home Network you can share:
‘Always ON' high speed internet access
Files without using floppy disks
Games, music or film libraries
Peripherals like printers and digital cameras
Online console gaming ( without modem)
PLUS - wireless access gives you the freedom to surf, email wherever you want in the home

* Normal voice call charges apply
** Internet call charges may apply
*** Find out more about Instant Messenger Security and staying safe online.
**** Additional equipment required
***** If you wish to use Broadband with a Home Network, you should order the Without Modem version, then separately order your Home Networking hardware.


BT Broadband brings together the experience of BT and the imagination of Yahoo! BT Broadband is up to 10X faster than narrowband and offers more online protection through virus prevention, parental controls and pop-up blockers. BT Broadband provides Up to 10 email addresses for everyone in the household. You can even Share your BT Broadband between your computers

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