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Corus Hotels Overview


Corus Hotels  

Corus Hotels UK     Corus Hotels Customer Information


Corus Hotels

Corus Hotels has over 60 hotels in the UK, ranging from Scotland to the West Country, Corus hotels are one of Britains largest hotel groups.

Corus hotels

Whether it's a weekend break or romantic getaway you're looking for, there's bound to be a Corus hotel somewhere nearby to fit the bill. Corus hotels range from historic coaching inns and manor houses to modern city centre hotels.

Most Corus properties have meetings and events facilities and many offer leisure facilities such as gymnasiums, saunas and swimming pools

Corus hotel properties are full of character, retaining their own unique local point of view without the predictable, formula approach of most hotel groups.

Corus hotels focus on traditional hospitality, friendliness and value and are full of character and variety.

Corus Hotels


Corus Hotels :

Corus hotel Solihull, Corus Hotel The Plough and Harrow Hotel Birmingham, Corus Hotel The Beverley Arms Hotel Beverley, Corus hotel Bedford, Corus Hotel The Castle Inn Hotel Bassenthwaite, Corus hotel Birmingham South, Corus Hotel The Victoria Hotel Bradford, Corus Hotel Burnham Beeches Hotel Burnham/Windsor, Corus Hotel The George Huddersfield, Corus Hotel Hall Garth Golf & Country Club Darlington, Corus hotel Hyde Park London, Corus Hotel The County Hotel, Manchester Manchester Airport/Bramhall, Corus Hotel George Washington Golf Hotel Newcastle, Corus Hotel The Richmond Hill Hotel Richmond-upon- Thames, Corus Hotel Briggens House Hotel Stanstead Abbotts/Hertford



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