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JohnLewis Department Store Overview



John Lewis UK     Department Store Information


JohnLewis Department Store

Shop online at the Johnlewis department store website. Johnlewis offers a wide selection of products from John Lewis' home, gift and technology range online


Why choose department shopping online at
At JohnLewis department store discover a whole new shopping experience and now you can visit johnlewis department stores without leaving home at You'll find the same quality and value - plus all the convenience of having your shopping delivered direct to your door. What could be easier shop online with!

JohnLewis department store online is convenient. You can browse through a wide range of home and gift products at your leisure, check whether an item is in stock, and order right away. Johnlewis department store is flexible, allowing you to choose from a range of delivery options, naming a day that suits you. Johnlewis is safe. You can trust John Lewis to guide you securely through the online shopping experience and safeguard your personal details. It's guaranteed. Johnlewis department store believe the customer should always get what they want. So if you are not satisfied with anything you order from Johnlewsi; simply return it to johnlewis within 28 days using JohnLewis FREE RETURNS SERVICE - and JohnLewis will refund or replace as necessary.

About JohnLewis Department Store UK

You`ll find 26 John Lewis department stores throughout the UK, from Aberdeen to Southampton - the first Johnlewis store opened in Oxford Street in 1864. The John Lewis Partnership - Britain`s largest private company - includes Waitrose food shops, and online and catalogue shopping from John Lewis Direct.

JohnLewis Department Store Choice and value
Johnlewis shops aim to offer the widest possible choice under one roof and to combine high quality with keen pricing. Up to 80 models of television, 200 large electrical appliances, 2,500 different furnishing fabrics, a host of designer brands - altogether Johnlewis stock up to half a million lines. From gloves to garden furniture, there`s always a wide range to choose from, in a range of prices.


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