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Pacific Poker – Who did not play pacific poker? Pacific poker is the best online poker room on earth! From the first pacific poker game, to the current pacific poker games, which are held on a daily basis at each and every online poker site, or at casinos, land-based casino or an online casino, pacific poker is, truly, the king. Considered to be king’s poker, pacifico pokero, in the Italian version, or pacific poker, in the English one – is fascinating game to all poker fans. Coming from the pacific, pacific poker, and poker pacific as well, pacific poker became a legend!

The pacific poker principles are simple: play pacific poker and win real money. In pacific poker you don’t need to calculate poker statistics, or pacific odd, just some little pacific pokers tricks. Pacific poker will do the rest, if the pacific poker dealer didn’t.

So, what is so special in pacific poker? Well – the fact that it is very simple. Pacific poker player, and a pacific poker dealer – combine together to create the ultimate pacific poker game.

In recent cultures, pacific poker was known as the Prince’s game. It was called pacific pokering. pacifics pokers games were played everywhere in Rome and ancient Greece. It was said that gambling and betting were holy – so playing cards and maintaining a constant pacific poker game – was always very good!

In mediaval days – poker was stepped aside, and blackjack rose. It was the main gambling game, but pacific poker was always there. Pacific poker didn’t go away. Secret poker tournaments and poker rooms and tables were there – it was just hidden. The pacific poker was in danger!

In 1920, the birth of modern pacific poker in the Pacific Ocean, poker became a synonym to pacific poker.

"play pacific poker" they shouted "win money in pacific poker" – everything was there. Pacific poker had only to be played, and nothing more.

Pacific Poker