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Pipex Broadband - When you're with Pipex, it's good to know you're with one of the largest and most respected Broadband providers in the country. In fact, Pipex have been helping people, businesses and even FTSE 100 companies get online since the earliest days of the net in 1991.


Here's what some of Pipex customers have said about them so far...

  • 95% liked Pipex speed and usage as well as Pipex payment plans

  • Over 95% felt it easy to start using Pipex home broadband service

  • 95% would recommend Pipex to their family or friends

  • 93% think their broadband connection is consistently reliable

  • Almost 90% feel they receive value for money from Pipex

  • An impressive 90% are happy with Pipex's overall service

(Survey conducted by YouGov for uSwitch.com, March 2006. Sample Size 16,000)

Pipex have been working hard to stay at the cutting edge of the industry, investing heavily in state-of-the art services that cover Broadband, dial-up, hosting, domains and, of course, wireless. The result? Pipex are now firmly at the forefront of the worldwide communications business.

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