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Sporting Index Spread Betting

Sporting Index Spread Betting Overview   

Visit: Sporting Index  


Sporting Index Spread Betting UK      


Sporting Index  spread betting was formed in April 1992 to specialise in sports spread betting. Today, Sporting Index are leaders in this sector, having captured over 50% of the market. The ever-increasing popularity of sports spread betting has led to widespread recognition that Sporting Index spread betting provides a yardstick for others to follow.

In July 2001, Sporting Index launched Sporting, the first and still the only, truly ‘live' and interactive on-line sports spread betting service.

  • Naturally Sporting Index have some special services, including:
  • A Free Bet for every new user on a sport of their choice
  • Being the only spreads firm that allows you to bet 24 / 7
  • Being the only spreads firm that allows you to bet instantly online
  • Generous promotions on a regular basis

As Sporting Index spread betting are the World Leaders in Sports Spread Betting, Sporting Index spread betting have the widest range of sports bets on football, horse racing, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis and NFL. Sporting Index also have special betting markets on events such as Big Brother, Eurovision & Miss World. Visit Sporting Index

Sporting Index Spread Betting Online Security

There is no need to be worried about spread betting online with Sporting Index. Sporting Index's website has been designed by online experts with security of paramount importance. SportinIndex's secure server software encrypts all of your personal information (ie your name, address and card number) so that it cannot be read as it travels over the internet. Try Spread Betting


Sporting Index Spread Betting Limited Risk

A Sporting Index 'Shield' account offers you all the thrills of an ordinary spread bet with the added security of limited exposure. The Sporting Index Shield account allows you to 'spread bet with a safety net'.

Sporting Index spread Betting Shield accounts have a 'Stop-Loss' level applied to the majority of markets. This is a specific level at which certain trades are closed to prevent open-ended losses or profits. This means that when trading on a Sporting Index Shield account, you are aware of the maximum you may win or lose every time you trade.

In addition, a Sporting Index Shield account also allows you to trade in smaller stakes. Visit Sporting Index


Sporting Index Spread Betting Customer Service

It is important to Sporting Index that you are happy using Sporting and find the service easy to use. Sporting Index's dedicated team of Customer Services staff prides itself on its friendliness, efficiency and speed in dealing with any enquiries you may wish to make. Visit Sporting Index

Sporting Index Spread Betting








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