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Virgin Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile phone networks in the UK.

Hook up with Virgin Mobile
What Virgin Mobile offer is simple: 3p texting, free line rental and no contract. That's what makes Virgin Mobile the fastest growing network in the UK.

Who are Virgin Mobile?
Virgin is one of the fastest growing mobile phone networks in the UK. We've grown from 0 to 3 million customers in less than 4 years. And we're still growing – fast.

With Virgin Mobile you get:

3p texting – to any other Virgin Mobile phone within the UK

1 simple tariff – standard calls cost just 15p per minute for the first 5 minutes of calls and 5p for each minute after that

0 Strings – that means no line rental, and fixed term contract

Why Virgin Mobile are different

At Virgin Mobile, they do their very best to give people what they want.

Better value

More honesty

More help

More fun

Heard about Virgin Mobiles latest innovation? The longer lasting Virgin phones bundle. It's a great value way to make lots of calls to people on other networks.

What's in it for you?

Three ways to control your spending:

Pay As You Go - and top up when you need to

Pay As You Go by Direct Debit - and avoid top up hassle

Or add on a Virgin mobile bundle - buy a set amount of airtime each month

Flexible choice

Change your Virgin Mobile payment method

Move between 4 different sizes or types of bundles

Better value

3p texts - to other Virgin phones in the UK

Pay As You Go by Direct Debit or with a credit or debit card to earn free airtime- and avoid top up hassle

Get great value virgin mobile bundles of airtime if you make loads of calls and messages to other networks

Virgin mobile bundles last longer - that's because you can carry over unused airtime each month.

Retrieve your voicemail free in the UK

Virgin Mobile offers award winning service

Virgin mobile is No 1 for customer satisfaction

Virgin Mobile has won Best Customer Service three years running.


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