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Virgin Games

Virgin Games Overview  

Play Roulette at Virgin Casino

Virgin Games UK     Virgin Games Customer Information


Virgin Games offer an unbeatable range of games including Bingo, Instant win, Casino and Poker with exclusive Virgin games prizes, customer offers, tournaments and jackpots. Virgin Games

Virgin Games

The Virgin Games Mission

Quite simply Virgin Games believe that gaming should be fun and entertaining. Virgin games feels it should be rewarding whether you win or lose. That's why Virgin's games site has a unique selection of games, a wide range of play styles and unique offers unobtainable on other games sites. Whether you're playing for cash or for the hell of it, Virgin games want you to have a great time. And best of all, Virgin games has some fabulous prizes. All you need to do is enjoy yourself. Let the Virgin Games begin!

The Virgin Games Difference

What makes Virgin Games different?

  • Virgin Games offer generous customer sign up offers, including a first deposit match from £5 to £50, the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas and a free £20 Virgin Wines Voucher,
  • Exclusive games, including the chance to win £1,000,000 with Millionaires Game and a chance to win a trip to Necker Island, Richard Branson's private desert Island along with other exclusive Virgin Games prizes such as cases of wine and holidays with Prize Vault Matcher 3.
  • A huge selection of popular branded games, including Instant Win Virgin Games Monopoly, and slots like Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right and Play your Cards right
  • Virgin Games is the only dedicated UK sterling Multi player Poker room with games ranging from Holdem to Omaha to 7 Card stud and constantly refreshed range of Freeroll, Sit and Go and Cash tournaments
  • Virgin Games removed all the niggles that players have told them annoy them at other games sites, including:
    • A best of breed flash gaming environment for instant play with no download
    • Virgin have reduced minimum bet sizes to as low as 5p to encourage new users online to play for cash,
    • Virgin Games don't charge for cheque withdrawals
    • VirginGames have a single account which means you don't have to buy chips when you enter the Casino
  • All the help and guidance that virgin games dedicated customer service team can provide by phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Virgin Games

All of the above is underpinned by the Virgin brand which has amazingly high awareness and affinity - after all half of all adults in the UK buy a product or service from Virgin very year. So why not try out Virgin Games today!



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